Have you thought about your post-BREXIT workforce?

As we are heading into the new year your thoughts as an employer may once again draw on how to attract and retain the best talent in a post-Brexit world. The earlier you get started, the better.

The Brexit White Paper indicates that the Government will continue to protect the rights of EEA nationals. The Government wants your current employees to stay and they will not be asked to leave the UK following Brexit:

  • A new settled status scheme under UK law for EU citizens and their family members, covered by the Withdrawal Agreement, has been introduced
  • If your employees have been in the UK for less than 5 years they will be able to stay until they have reached the 5 year threshold
  • Their healthcare rights, pension and other benefit provisions will remain the same as they are today

  • There will be a transparent, smooth and streamlined process to enable them to apply for settled status from the second half of 2018. It will cost no more than applying for a passport
  • There will be a 2 year transition period during which EU nationals can continue to travel to and work in the UK

However, it is wise to have a strategy in place for future proofing your business. Here are some initial steps that you can take now:

  • Undertake a review of your existing workforce and invest in your existing workforce. The UK has been failing behind the rest of Europe in the investments we make to our workforce
  • Develop and promote from within. If your business relies on sourcing talent from one source, look to widen your net to attract candidates from other areas
  • In times of change and uncertainty, it is vital for organisations to support and communicate effectively with their workforce and provide practical help to employees

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