Whether you need an interim HR Director or HR support. The HR Solutions Team is your ideal partner for bespoke HR services conveniently located for the East of England and the City of London.

HR Solutions Team has the expertise to provide a defined, short to medium term interim service – encompassing HR solutions – to get your work completed. No fuss, no complexity; we ensure whatever the piece of work is, that we can hand pick one of our experienced team members deliver what you need in a simple, clearly defined way. Our team are passionate about planning, organising and working to deadlines and we take pride in the quality of our delivery.

Once the initial short-term delivery period is complete, our clients often ask us to become part of the team on a part-time basis. We love seeing our clients grow knowing we are part of that growth.

We know you need results and always deliver quickly, but we also know that sometimes long-term success is based on devising plans and putting them into action. We’re accountable for all we do for you and believe our success is based on your success; it’s what makes us tick. We really care, and have the expertise and experience needed to ensure your long-term success.

The HR Solutions Team has experience in supporting start-up businesses, SMEs and large corporate clients. We work alongside businesses; coaching, supporting and delivering according to their needs. Our integrated and pragmatic approach means you receive the help you truly need.

Please us the link below to see examples of short term projects and case studies of work we have undertaken.