Whether you need an interim HR Director or HR support, HR Solutions Team is your ideal partner for bespoke HR services conveniently located throughout the East of England and the City of London.

HR Solutions Team has the experts to provide you with what you need, whether that is a short to medium term interim service or for a specific piece of work or project. We support companies ensuring that they are compliant, but as important we use our knowledge and our experts to find the right solution for you.

No fuss, no complexity; we ensure that we hand pick one of our experienced team members to deliver what you need in a simple, clear and transparent way. Our team are passionate about planning, organising and working to deadlines and we take pride in the quality of our delivery.


The spirit of HR is always about improvement and how to make things better – whether we are talking about development, recruiting talent, developing benefit plans, looking at new HR technology tools or making HR processes more efficient, it is an area where we are always looking at raising the bar and taking people or processes to the next level.

Innovation isn’t something that many people connect with HR – but we do. So many of the people, process and tool strategy that we put in place and implement as HR professionals is not only innovative, but also creative. When working on a project or initiative, we think about all the requirements, stakeholders, budget/time constraints etc. that you have to consider having a successful implementation for that process, program, or project. We have to come up with solutions that will meet all those needs and requirements often within short deadlines and always within budget.

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